Sean Perdue

Sean Perdue is a Nashville artist who has spent most of his last 10 years and creativity in the world of custom natural stone tile design & installation. The son of an Engineer/General Contractor, Sean has learned to appreciate craftsmanship in the building industry. He studied the visual arts in His hometown of Panama City, Florida at Gulf Coast Community College while serving under the apprenticeship of Rolland Hockett. While specializing in drawing, illustration & detail, Sean has in recent years explored the union of detail with other mediums such as oils & acrylics. He constructs his own canvases but enjoys discovering other possibilities, whether a raw plank of barnwood or a brick wall. Since moving to Nashville in 2001, he and his wife Claire have begun raising a family and now have 2 young boys. He currently has multiple large scale pieces hanging in the new Oz building, Knead Dough Pizzeria in Hendersonville & Fanny’s House of Music in East Nashville. He continues to create his own unique pieces and to work on joint projects in the collaborative studio as a member of Noble Constructors.